Grow and impact your community

About Southwick Life & Leadership Coaching

We are an emerging coaching practice that combines the personal growth of its clients with the impact they will have on their own community. The idea and business came out of Aaron Southwick’s passion to help nonprofits and other “helping” organizations. We empower communities to create spaces for all people to develop themselves. Our vision for the future is to be known for strengthening nonprofit communities through coaching past, present and future leaders of change.

Aaron Southwick Headshot

About Aaron

Aaron Southwick has specialized in Non-Profit, Youth and Family services for over 10 years. From an early age he has been passionate about helping others and seeing others succeed. This passion was reinforced as he received mentorship and coaching throughout his life. Aaron is now able to put into practice what he’s been trying to do since an early age. Help people reach their most potential.

Aaron’s other passions are:

  • Family
  • Living life to it’s fullest
  • Finding the little sucesses of life
  • Continuing to learn and grow

When Aaron isn’t coaching, he can typically be found on an adventure with his family, brainstorming new business ideas or relaxing with a new book. Aaron resides in the Central New York area.