Individuals and Communities

Community Clients

The Coach-in-Residence program is for communities (companies/agencies) that want to hire us to provide coaching to either all or a selected group of leaders. Agreements will be specially tailored to the needs and concerns of the agency or program hiring us. By increasing the growth of employees and community leaders, there will be a greater impact on the community as a whole. We don’t believe a one size fits all model.

Email for more information on how this emerging way of providing coaching can help your agency stimulate growth and impact those you serve.

Individual Clients

We offer 1:1 coaching sessions that are based on your individual needs. We don’t offer a one size fits all model. We believe in client led services which create an open and safe dialogue to help you grow towards your potential and impact your community.

We believe all coaching sessions we provide should be life-changing. Because of this we start all of our clients off with a free 30 min connection call.

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